Salt Lake Sports Recovery

SALT LAKE SPORTS RECOVERY is a results driven clinic that is passionate about patient care. We proudly serve athletes and other active individuals in Salt Lake and its surrounding areas. We specialize in sports medicine resolving a myriad of injuries by offering a unique sports therapy that can shorten recovery time to a matter of days. If pain or injury is keeping you from playing sports, biking, hiking, exercising or just impeding your everyday life, then it’s time to make an appointment.

Salt Lake Sports Recovery utilizes nationally recognized treatment protocols to provide patient care in an evidence-based model that combines manual and active therapy. This effective and consistent approach has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to rehabilitate, shoulder, knee, back and other injuries in a very short amount of time. The patient benefits include: quick recovery times and functional improvements, lower costs, possible avoidance of surgery and being able to return to normal activity.

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Now Accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United, Signa and Select Health