Dr. Johnson is amazing and very talented! I’ve been a very active person my whole life and have definitely seen my fair share of sports injuries. Dr. Johnson not only knows what he is talking about, but he genuinely cares about you as a person. He takes the time to learn about your activities and tries to find the root cause for why you are hurt. I am still running at 34 weeks pregnant because of his excellent care!
— Caitlin B.

Dr. Johnson not only helped me in the office, but also gave me exercises to work on in the gym and at home. He focused on my current issues/injuries and didn’t try to sell me on a weekly or monthly appointment schedule. Highly recommended.
— Shannon C.

After nursing ankle tendinitis for months a friend recommended Dr. Johnson. Three visits later and I’m back running and feeling great!! I’ll never suffer through injury again without first seeing Dr. Johnson! Thank you!!
— Katrina W.

Dr. Johnson is AMAZING! I came to him with a bum shoulder - tendinitis and a muscle teat - and within a few visits I had already had no much more improvement than I did after resting for 12 weeks! The work he did on my shoulder caused me to mention some hip and knee pain I had been having and right away he moved onto those areas; again, a few visits later and BAM!

The best thing about Dr. Johnson and what he does is that he actually cares about you and what is going to happen to you going forward. He provides you with not only exercises, but the knowledge of exactly what is happening to you so you can keep yourself healthy and prevent further injuries.

I would hands down recommend anyone with recurring pain, whether active in sports and exercise or not, to go see Dr. Johnson!! he will do anything in his power to help you, because he cares.
— Jenna E.

Living an active lifestyle has always been a part of my like. It wasn’t until the last 5 years that I have felt some of the toll of my choice to be active. Dr. Johnson has been an essential part of helping me feel my best and overcome sports related pains due to injuries and poor posture. My recent back injury sustained during a workout left me literally unable to walk without assistance and wondering what my future would hold. I made an emergency visit to Dr. Johnson and he was quickly able to diagnose my injury as non-disk related, which was a relief, and I was able walk out of his office with hope and significantly less pain! Through just a few follow up visits and stretching/strengthening exercises prescribed by Dr. Johnson, I recovered much faster than I ever expected and am back to full range of motion. He was also quickly able to diagnose my shoulder pain as bicep tendinitis and has been working with me to resolve that issue as well. He is knowledgeable, professional, caring, listens, and is very serious about providing the best service for his clients.
— K.B.

Dr. Johnson was able to get me in quickly after a bike tour that caused extreme back pain and hip-flexor discomfort. It was difficult to sit down and standing up was frightening.

After one visit I felt a lot better. He even gave me a few exercising stretches to try.

Dr. Johnson is the best chiropractor I have experienced and I had a very quick recovery, thanks to him. He was very personable as well, would definitely recommend.
— Ashley A.

Rob is a life saver. He has made me feel so much better, after seeing him I have been feeling like myself again. His treatments are working long term and I haven’t had a crappy achy day like I had in the past before seeing him!
— Becca R.

Dr. Johnson is amazing!! I discovered Dr. Johnson two years ago. I’ve had issues with my lower back, foot, hand, and knee over that period of time. I even had an appointment scheduled with an orthopedic Dr to discuss surgery for my knee and Dr. Johnson resolved my issue in one visit...no need for a surgeon!! I had a cycling accident that left me with whiplash and Rob was a lifesaver!! He practices a form of treatment that is very beneficial and economical compared to other forms of medicine. I think there is a place for all forms of medicine and I wish more people knew about Dr. Johnson. I highly recommend him!!
— Carol J.