Injuries that We Treat

Salt Lake Sports Recovery specializes in the resolution of the following conditions:

● Low Back Pain ● Mid Back Pain ● Neck Pain ● Plantar Fasciitis ● Ankle Sprain ● Sciatica ● Disc Related Pain ● Knee Pain ● Rotator Cuff Pain ● Hip Pain● Shoulder Pain ● Quad Pull ● Shin Splints ● SI Joint Pain ● Achilles Tendonitis ● Bicep Tendonitis ● Calf Pull/Strain ● Elbow Pain ● Groin Pull ● Hamstring Pull/Strain ● Headaches ● Heel Pain/Spurs ● Hip Flexor Strain ● IT Band Pain ● Patellar Tendonitis ● Sever’s Disease ● Tricep Tendonitis ● Tennis Elbow



Salt Lake Sports Recovery’s therapy is a highly specific process leading to the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries through non-invasive methods. Salt Lake Sports Recovery draws upon a myriad of established techniques that have been processed into a formulaic method to assess and correct pain and dysfunction. The therapy combines manual and active therapy to promote healing of muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and joints.


At Salt Lake Sports Recovery, exercises are personally demonstrated and documented for the benefit of the patient. We only use the most current literature to determine our therapeutic physical exercises for each patient. Salt Lake Sports Recovery also shows each patient how to stay healthy by giving them exercises they can perform routinely to avoid future doctors visits.